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Parjana 101: EGRP Solution

New from our partners at Parjana, a great video explaining how the EGRP solution works.

If you like to learn more about the EGRP solution and how effectively it solves problems with standing water, contact us today.

Parking Lot Drain System

LTU and Parjana create green parking lot with integrated technology

SOUTHFIELD, MI.  Parjana Distribution has partnered with Lawrence Technological University to install a unique storm water management system.  The system will provide filtration and volume control for a large section of parking lot at the school.  The system combines EGRP technology, Haydite (granular filtration) and Xeripave (pervious pavers) to create a sustainable solution for storm water management at the site.

Why is this significant?  This system adds a filtration element to storm water runoff.  Filtration refers to cleansing the run-off of sediment, road salts and other impurities that eventually pollute rivers and streams.  This can be expensive and difficult to achieve when dealing with large volumes of water that would typify a parking lot or roadway.  The Parjana system accomplishes this without utilizing expensive/unreliable pumps or filters; instead harnessing the natural filtration properties of the soil.

Groundwater RX Solutions(GRX) to bring EGRP® technology to Cincinnati/Dayton and Northern Kentucky

In response to strong market demand, Kiesland has formed a new entity to focus on bringing  this unique technology to our customers. Developed by Parjana LLC of Detroit, MI, the EGRP® system has numerous applications that are beneficial  to sewer infrastructure, commercial buildings, sports and recreation fields, homeowners, and farming.  This technology has been in use  for 12 years but has only recently become commercially available for projects.  According to Groundwater RX Solutions (GRX) Partner, Rich Hughes, “We are excited to bring this game-changing water management technology to our community.  We’ve been involved with Parjana almost 2 years; they are a an impressive group of visionaries.  More importantly it’s now clear to us that this technology works.”  GRX has a number of new local projects lined up for 2015 with several more in the pipeline for later in the year. For more information on how GRX can solve your drainage issues please contact Andy Mauk at
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EGRP Technology for Surface Water Control at Airports

University of Illinois-FAA White Paper Study supports continued use of EGRP Technology for Surface Water Control at AirPlane Taking Offports.

Professor Edwin Herricks from the University of Illinois was asked by the staff of the Fort Lauderdale Airport to investigate the possible use of EGRP®technology for the purpose of addressing airport safety concerns regarding  standing water and wildlife management.  Professor Herricks agreed to undertake a review of the technology, visit field sites where EGRP® technology was previously installed and report on findings. The resulting report addresses the science of this technology, actual data from EGRP® installations worldwide and conclusions and recommendations.

White Paper: EGRP Review by Dr. Edwin Herricks
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Detroit Metro Park Demonstrates EGRP® Potential

Metro Park  Belle Isle is a 120 acre island located in the Detroit River. The island is linked to the City via bridge and serves as a very popular Detroit City Park.  However, stringent Michigan State environmental regulations dictate that all storm water on Belle Isle be collected and pumped back to the City Sewage system for treatment.  As a result, Belle Isle has experienced chronic flooding and expensive sewer bills that impact available funds for recreational uses.  Last year, Parjana’s EGRP system was installed on a 25 acre test site to begin evaluating the feasibility of finding a better solution for handling storm water.  Preliminary data has been extremely favorable and suggests continued expansion of the EGRP system is very likely.

Divine Intervention?

In a strange twist of fate, a Parjana EGRP® test site was tested beyond anyone’s dreams when nearly 5′ of  rain fell on the Detroit Metro area in just 3 hours on Aug. 13, 2014.  The results were nothing short of amazing.  Here’s a video clip detailing this even:

[wgs_belle-isle code=belle-isle]
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